Tess has worked with a wide range of clients, from those taking their first steps on their journey to professional athletes.

As a personal trainer, biomechanics specialist, sports massage therapist, yoga teacher and Co-Founder of corporate wellbeing company Eat Think Move, Tess has experienced the health and wellbeing industry from many different angles. 

Tess currently focuses the majority of her work on helping women to transform their training and lifestyle to build confidence both in and out of the gym. 

Her mission is to work with clients to improve recovery, enhance performance and better their overall wellbeing for long-lasting results.

"Tess genuinely and deeply cares about you and your quality of life when you are her client. Her passion for your wellness and quality of life is self evident in her training plans and coaching. Tess views your investment in her as a greater investment in yourself. I’ve yet to meet a trainer who better understands or embraces this concept or delivers as well as Tess."
Health Client


Each recovery client will receive a movement assessment and rehab programme based on the results. Sports massage therapy may be used in some cases and is also available to those wanting treatment but no programme.

Recovery programmes are delivered during one-to-one sessions with Tess or using remote coaching. Remote coaching involves weekly online check-ins and monthly one-to-one check up sessions with Tess to monitor progress.


Performance clients will also undergo a movement assessment to figure out restrictions in biomechanics and factor them into the programme. 

Each performance goal is different and your programme is tailored accordingly. Be it threshold work to improve fitness or drilling skills and technical work, your performance programme will enhance your progress in your sport. 


Health clients have the option of a movement assessment if they are looking to work on their physical health. 

Your health programme focuses on everyday habits in order to improve your lifestyle for the long-game. From nutrition to exercise to mindset work, your health programme will interlink each of these elements to improve your overall health and wellbeing.